I hadn’t picked up my camera in weeks. There would be some days I’d pick it up, only to put it down again, thinking it would be too heavy to lug around. I would sometimes bake, just so I could take a picture of something, but that would end in a horrible literal mess that I always had to clean up after. I was so dreadfully uninspired.


I had been waiting for this weekend for a long time. I had enlisted for a class little less than a month ago, and it was a food photography class under one of my favorite food photographers: Mylene Chung.

Saturday hadn’t started out as I planned, I was sick: unwell-clogged-nose-sick, and this was terrible considering I had the whole day (and night) planned. Adamant that I wasn’t going to let a little cold affect my weekend, I left for the Photokitchen studio excited with my camera bag in one hand and a handkerchief in the other.

From the moment I walked in the Photokitchen studio, I could easily say that it was already probably one of my favorite places. (Something about the beautiful modern interior and the way the light entered from this huge window made me want to stay nestled on that couch for at least an eternity)

Mylene Chung, our photography teacher, turned out to be warm, friendly and welcoming. (I’ve been a fan of her on tumblr for quite a long time, and it was such a geeky and exciting experience finally meeting her, let alone learning from her) Her class was more than I expected to be, lots of hands on activities, tips and fun conversations with her and my classmates. (THE FOOD WAS EXTREMELY GOOD TOO, huhuhu Paper Boat dumplings)

Needless to say that I forgot my cold soon enough (the antihistamines Mylene gave me helped too) and I was shooting as many photos as I could. Even with the almost-MMDA-ticket, and getting too sick to go to my friend’s debut (I’ve been sleeping at 8 each night just to be well enough for the next day), this weekend still remains to be on of the best ones I’ve had in a while. I had so much fun learning (and ‘fun’ and ‘learning’ are two words I don’t usually use together) and I would do it again! Thank you Photokitchen: Mylene and Dwight, and to my classmates for the amazing weekend.

OKAY, keeping this post short because now I’m off to look for some things to take pictures of with my new foam boards!

here are a couple more photos I took during the class:



If you wanna know more about Mylene Chung’s photography stuff visit:

http://www.50feasts.com/ for their classes

http://www.photokitchenfood.com/ for their photography services

http://littleonions.tumblr.com for the lovely tumblr she keeps.


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