Affinity for Something Pretty


I remember Sundays at the mall, specifically Shangri-la’s home section, where in I had to keep my hands firmly at my sides, because I wasn’t allowed to touch anything. Those Sundays were the worst. As a child, I couldn’t fathom why my mom and sisters loved the home and kitchen section of anywhere. It would be the longest thirty minutes of my life, an hour if I was extremely unlucky, of endless pots, pans and spatulas, that all looked alike to me.

If I told the younger version of myself how important the kitchen and home section would be to me now, I’d probably laugh at myself and call present me crazy. (Also, if younger me saw older me, I’d probably think older me was crazy, because I wouldn’t believe that was older me)  I was pretty stubborn about most things: I swore to hate the Lifestyle Network, and never get into shopping for clothes and like kitchen section–which I un/fortunately all love now.

I’m not sure if it’s part of growing up or it’s something you eventually really get into, but I really enjoy shopping for plates, spoons and forks and other house stuff. I’m so happy about my new spoons and jars.

I can’t wait to use them for actual prop styled shoots.


P.S. Also, thank you to Sari Estrada for my lovely new tape. Just looking at my Washi tape collection makes me happy. :(

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4 thoughts on “Affinity for Something Pretty

    • aslkdhfalkshd thanks rae!! I mean if it’s appropriate to say thank you. If they were all living creatures, they’d say thank you, i mean my props. Share what you shop ok?!

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