Barcelona Part I: Jamon and La Boqueria (because seriously food needs its own post)


It’s been a while since Barcelona, but I remember all the important parts. Like it all started out as a disaster. We arrived so late in the night that the airport shops were closed (ack shopping disaster already), I had lost two wheels of my suitcase, and our taxi driver couldn’t find our hotel. I remember watching the taxi meter running, and thinking that each second we were lost was another euro we had to pay. There was nothing to see in the outskirts of Barcelona, but the city lights, nothing remotely distinct that made up for the expensive ride (unlike our arrival in Paris, which I hope to discuss next week). It was a pretty disappointing first night in Spain.

You see, my sisters and I have been dreaming about Spain for a good number of years. We started taking Spanish at Instituto when I was in fourth year high school, and all our books was with pictures of Spain, our teachers would describe to us where they were from, or how things were like. We were basically clinging to the idea of Spain with the use of some black and white photos, and other people’s personal experiences. Out of all the European countries, Spain was the dream.

Unfortunately, carrying my suitcase around wasn’t exactly the greatest start in the city of dreams—even if it was Italy’s fault.

Things were better instantly when we arrived at the hotel, and there was a group of men huddled near the television. We had just caught the Champions League Finals, right about when Chelsea just beat Bayern Munich. Oh their faces, if you could’ve seen them. Half of the men had goofy smiles, and the other half dragging their feet as they walked away from the screen. It was really entertaining to see so many people care about football. (Which was also pretty evident when we got back to London and the Euros were just about to start)

We slept the tiredness off, and in the morning, Spain was already the most beautiful country ever. I give you:
(This is my sister’s DESSERT)

First off, this was probably the only buffet breakfast we had as this was also the only real decent hotel we stayed at. Second, its JAMON. We hadn’t eaten that much in days. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten that much jamon in my life. I pretty much put jamon in every plate I got for breakfast. After jamon with dessert, we got an entire plate of jamon and just devoured it. After my eldest sister (who I have to mention is the smallest out of all of us) out jamon-ed us all, we packed our bags and headed to the city. We walked along the beach on the way to the train, and fought all temptations to sit and relax. We took the train to the city, and finally, Barcelona.

I am done talking (mostly), so I’ll just spam you with lots and lots of photos of food.

IMG_2412 IMG_2411


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Post Washi Party High

I’ve been going through some serious Washi withdrawals. Itching to make something (and to procrastinate, this week has been very challenging) from the spoils from the Hey Kessy washi party, I’ve been crafting all week. (Even though I shouldn’t have been)

Bedroom Shoot - November 29-026

Out of all my crafting, this is probably my favorite. My friend Tin and I have been friends since I was around nine years old. We, along with another friend, would spend our afternoons on the telephone, while watching our favorite show. We were friends for a very long time, grew apart for a bit in high school, eventually we found each other again in college, and until now we’re pretty good friends. I love her lots, and the time we spend talking about the most random things from really round and obese pandas to the really depressing facts of life.
I actually don’t know why I made that rather long write up about our friendship, probably a public declaration on how cool my friends are, but all I really had to say was that last night, I was up at two in the morning reading about mitosis and meiosis, when I decided to make my own gift wrapper. I had this really cute eiffel tower stamp, and I made the heart stamp, because I knew Tin loved hearts. Can I just say that for someone who hates precision and rulers and any kind of measuring, stamping to make a pattern is extremely challenging. I have two other stamping “drafts” that I’ve thrown into the trash can, but at least this one came out nice.

Bedroom Shoot - November 28-019
Bedroom Shoot - November 28-022
I’ve been doodling a lot! One of my favorite friends, Drei, gave me this really nice Adventure Time book for my birthday, and I’ve been so afraid to use or even touch the stickers, that I’ve been drawing and painting the characters instead. On the day I painted BMO, I used pretty washi tape to hold down the paper. It made me happy. After taking up calligraphy, I’ve been wrapping the nib holders with pretty washi tape to make it easier to grip. Also, happy birthday Alexis!!
Bedroom Shoot - November 27-014
Of course, obligatory, instax shot. One of my favorite days in London when we had the picnic in Bermondsey park, and we brought the lavender chicken I cooked, got so happytipsy on rosé, and hobbled home as it got dark and cold.


After the washi party, I couldn’t help but take a photo of the things I’ve gathered during the party. I wanna thank Richelle especially for my lovely new postcard. Looking at this photo makes me so happy. Bedroom Shoot - November 28-021


Okay, I’m tired and sleepy, and I’m not even done studying yet. Off to do real work. Have a lovely weekend Manila, or wherever you’re from.


A Very Messy Hey Kessy Washi Party


I don’t think it’s any surprise that I’m a big introvert. I love meeting people, going out with friends, and going on adventures, but at the end of the day, nothing really beats going home. I love moments where in a lose a day painting, or baking a cake just for the fun of it, and I’ve always thought that crafting was something that was meant to be done alone. This year, I’ve been proven  wrong too many times.

It started when I met a soon-to-be-friend Aina at a photography class at 50Feasts. She had a washi taped wrapped pen, and as a washi tape enthusiast (I would buy rolls of it everytime I’d be out of the country) I quickly pointed it out and asked her where she got it. ” Hey Kessy” She said, and we’ve been friends ever since.

From ordering tape from Hey Kessy, and eventually blog jumping from Mansy‘s to Alessa’s blog, Life After Breakfast, I’ve been immersed in the lovely world of crafting and the surprising fact that there are a lot of us, and we could all be crafting friends together!!!!!! (Hahahahaha I am such a freak)

If only you could’ve seen how happy I was at The Hey Kessy Washi Party. There were crafting materials everywhere, that I could barely keep myself together from my excitement. In all honesty, more than the washi tape, pretty bakers twine, and good food, what made that washi party so memorable was the buzzing room full of girls laughing and chatting over tables of kraft paper, homemade stamps and pencils. They’re wonderful people who make wonderful things, and I’d do this again and again and again.

Thank you Hey Kessy and Pipino for a wonderful afternoon!




Poor Food Blogging By Yours Truly: Italy

Like every other person who has never been to Rome, we pretty much went for whatever had the words PIZZA on the store sign. I tell you, the disappointment of my first pizza was surreal. It was like I was having a mini-breakdown of heartache and dissatisfaction as I ate my first slice of pizza in Italy. It wasn’t bad pizza, it was just, as Bianca said in 10 Things I hate about you, underwhelming.
I’m really glad to say that the rest of the pizzas we ate were better, especially the pizza we ate in Venice, but I’ll get to that later.

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What Katie Ate

I’ve been meaning to post the rest of my Europe adventures, but there’s hardly time for anything lately. I’m really exhausted, but internship is almost over (last week next week!!!!!), and though I still have the business to take care of, and a pile of books to read, I’m starting to feel the end of this semester, and well actually, phase of my life. YAY.

Hopefully by the end of next week, I’ll be studying, and occasionally chilling and cooking. Perfect timing too, since one of my favorite favorite favorite FAVORITE food blogger/photographer’s book has just come out. Katie Quinn Davis, of is this talented Australian food blogger and photographer. She has the most wonderful style of taking photos, and it takes me forever to get through the book because I just really devour each page.





Her recipes look so good. I can’t wait to try them out next week!!



Venezia, the photogenic city with lots and lots and lots of tourists



Venezia and I, we don’t get along. It was our last stop before Spain, and we were only there for a day. Lucky for us (I’m being sarcastic here), we were there on a day there was a big regatta (which means boat races apparently). Now big boat races means lots of tourists, and when I mean lots of tourists, I mean crowds of people, bumping elbows, and smelling people sweat on a rather sunny day in Italy.


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Firenze and Everything Beautiful About It.


If I had to choose, Florence would have to be my favorite out of the three cities I visited in Italy. I could already feel it as we exited the station, and dragged our luggage across the cobble stones. Florence was all shades of yellow. From the walls of the tall buildings of the narrow streets, to cobblestones leading to our hostel. We stayed in a quaint hostel run by a very nice family who gave us maps to the city. Our room was comfortable, with pretty white shutters and Audrey Hepburn on the wall. It was refreshing after busy Rome. The view wasn’t as nice, but there was something romantic how I could see people walk along the narrow streets with gelato in their hands and hats on their head. There would be bikes, but never big crowds, and it was never noisy.

My favorite moment in Florence was when we went up to Piazzale Michelangelo with a bottle of good but inexpensive wine, melons and prosciutto, and just sat on the steps with a bunch of other people. There were tourists, and there were locals, but everyone was there for the sunset on the lovely view of Firenze. The sky turned from blue to orange as we finished the bottle of red wine, took pictures and left on a bus down back to our hotel. I remember being vividly happy on the way back, and the wine must’ve helped a lot. (haha)

I would love to go back to Florence someday, and hopefully have the same view of the narrow city streets from my hotel window.




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Oh Hello September!

I’ve been very busy lately. I’m an intern from 9am to 6pm (til 8pm on days I can) and a baking machine, craft student, reviewee the rest of the hours. What I like about working, is that compared to studying, I don’t have to bring anything home. Of course, every Sunday I still do go to some form of classes, where I sit down from 8 in the morning (7 on the days we have finals) til 5 in the afternoon trying to cram science terms and systems in my brain. I get so exhausted sometimes I fall asleep with such impeccable timing. I’ve fallen asleep in the middle of sit-ups and even in the bath tub (there wasn’t any water so it wasn’t as dangerous!). I got so exhausted last week that I got sick this past Sunday, that I had to go home during my review lunch break, and sleep the entire afternoon.

It gets difficult, but it’s fun. The semester is slowly coming to a close, and though my semester might have to be longer than intended to be, I’m in no real hurry. Next semester is looking to be exciting, with my plans set (for now), and my sisters returning home. (I’m also pretty excited to graduate from college, FINALLY)

I’ve been selling cupcakes lately, and it gets so hectic, I find myself biting off more than I can chew, but I welcome it, because fun opportunities come around times like these.

My latest project are a bunch of cute pink cupcakes for a really nice client. I’m not done yet, but here’s a sneak peek!

And look what you can do with left over cake!


anyway, you can find our page here: like us! The straws and washi tape (that I used on the flags) are from Hey Kessy! a store I absolutely love. Go buy from them now now now!
anyway that’s all for now!