After a long day of making unicorns, rabbits, and turtles out of royal icing, my sister took me to Cubao X for a very interesting exhibit visited by very interesting people. We then proceeded to have our rendezvous with the rest of Cubao X for the remainder of the night.

Cubao X

I think I’ve only been to Cubao x in the daylight once, in the fourth grade, a time when Cubao x, had rows and rows of shops filled with shoes and mostly only shoes, so you could say I only know the place by its nighttime face.
The main street is lit by the lights spilled by the few open stores, and the disappearance of Cubao’s daytime busy sounds of cars, and people. I love how quiet it can be there at night, even with the significant amount of people hanging out in the streets, talking, drinking and eating.
At least half of the shops are closed, almost like they’re sleeping, and my sister and I stroll past them, only looking for a second at the ones with vintage apparel and merchandise, just in case someone or something decides to be awake inside.

Window Shopping

I mostly like the open stores, and how they’re never lit invasively, except this nice bookstore we went to, but it was okay, since you need ample light to read. We didn’t go in all of them, I’m not particularly sure why, but we would point (appropriately) at things we liked from the outside of the glass windows, and occasionally step go into stores we really felt like going in.

We Are Triangle

My favorite store would be the We Are Triangle pop-up-shop right above the famous Heima. My sister and I went up, and looked around. They had this one “painting”, where the canvass was backwards, and it had this pink creature sewn into it that I really liked, but I was afraid to ask how much it was, or at least afraid to have someone confirm the price guesstimation in my head. The shopkeeper was nice (and PATIENT) even though we were a bit rowdy, touching and wanting to buy everything. He sided with me when I told my sister to treat me to an Outerhope pin (an opportunity to make a sale, but he played along nonetheless), and accommodated us until we were happy with our purchases.
Later, I found out that he was Michael Benedicto of Outerhope, the same band I bought a pin of, and was LSS-ing audibly in the store, causing a feeling worthy of a face palm which I proceeded to give my face repeatedly for the rest of the night.


I really liked We Are Triangle, and my lonely card (my sister had this one with catci and I’m forever envious of her now), my silver whistle (my sister and I match), postcard, and my cute pins (which I had attached to my dlsr strap, until my dad and I exchanged cameras for the week).
I had initially promised to myself that this blog would be a food blog, prominently things I bake, but sometimes life happens to me, I get excited, and it’s such a shame not to share all the other beautiful non-food things that I go through, especially it’s quite the rare occasion. (haha)
I had every intention of writing about my best friend’s birthday on Valentine’s day and all the cupcakes involved in the event, but I have an exam tomorrow, and it isn’t all that fun to fail, so I guess that’ll have to wait for now.