Barcelona Part I: Jamon and La Boqueria (because seriously food needs its own post)


It’s been a while since Barcelona, but I remember all the important parts. Like it all started out as a disaster. We arrived so late in the night that the airport shops were closed (ack shopping disaster already), I had lost two wheels of my suitcase, and our taxi driver couldn’t find our hotel. I remember watching the taxi meter running, and thinking that each second we were lost was another euro we had to pay. There was nothing to see in the outskirts of Barcelona, but the city lights, nothing remotely distinct that made up for the expensive ride (unlike our arrival in Paris, which I hope to discuss next week). It was a pretty disappointing first night in Spain.

You see, my sisters and I have been dreaming about Spain for a good number of years. We started taking Spanish at Instituto when I was in fourth year high school, and all our books was with pictures of Spain, our teachers would describe to us where they were from, or how things were like. We were basically clinging to the idea of Spain with the use of some black and white photos, and other people’s personal experiences. Out of all the European countries, Spain was the dream.

Unfortunately, carrying my suitcase around wasn’t exactly the greatest start in the city of dreams—even if it was Italy’s fault.

Things were better instantly when we arrived at the hotel, and there was a group of men huddled near the television. We had just caught the Champions League Finals, right about when Chelsea just beat Bayern Munich. Oh their faces, if you could’ve seen them. Half of the men had goofy smiles, and the other half dragging their feet as they walked away from the screen. It was really entertaining to see so many people care about football. (Which was also pretty evident when we got back to London and the Euros were just about to start)

We slept the tiredness off, and in the morning, Spain was already the most beautiful country ever. I give you:
(This is my sister’s DESSERT)

First off, this was probably the only buffet breakfast we had as this was also the only real decent hotel we stayed at. Second, its JAMON. We hadn’t eaten that much in days. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten that much jamon in my life. I pretty much put jamon in every plate I got for breakfast. After jamon with dessert, we got an entire plate of jamon and just devoured it. After my eldest sister (who I have to mention is the smallest out of all of us) out jamon-ed us all, we packed our bags and headed to the city. We walked along the beach on the way to the train, and fought all temptations to sit and relax. We took the train to the city, and finally, Barcelona.

I am done talking (mostly), so I’ll just spam you with lots and lots of photos of food.

IMG_2412 IMG_2411


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Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cookies


Baking cookies will always feel like home. I won’t ever feel as comfortable with baking anything else like I do with cookies. My clumsy hands never feel as confident with anything else other than cookies.

I guess it’s safe to say that I really do like cookies. haha.

I also like making my friend Christina happy with my cookies:


Hi Christina!