Oh, March


As March finally ends, and I slip in the last of my required documents for my visa application in its envelope, I feel a sudden rush of relief taking over me. Though I may not be completely done with everything; there are still videos to edit, and visas to be approved, I can already feel summer creeping in slowly. It’s a cliché to say that it’s bittersweet that the school year’s done, but it doesn’t make it any less true. March has been challenging, but kind enough to end well.

It was difficult to start the semester with most of my blockmates having gone to their internships. I had to find new people to hang out with at lunch, and adjust to my roomy 12-unit schedule. There was a lot of room to fill. The thing is, when you make space, eventually it does fill up. There were photoshoots, bake-offs and new friends in my semester. There was rapping in the pool, shooting of food and yelling out Hanson lyrics from hundreds of meters away from the stage.


March wasn’t all very easy. Lots of shuffling of papers, requirements and deadlines. There were visas to be arranged, lots of printing, photocopying, and what seemed like endless nights on premier pro. Terrible days where you apparently filled out the wrong application form, or when an embassy has to reschedule your interview to the same week as your supposed flight.

Oh it wasn’t all that fun.


But it’s all worth it, cliché again, I know, but it was like when my friends and I waited about 4 hours in line for the Death Cab for Cutie concert, sweaty, tired and hungry. The minute we positioned ourselves in that second row in front of the stage, so close to Ben Gibbard, that we could see the buttons on his shirt clearly, all the tiredness slipped away. March was tough, but it was all worth it. Thanks you guys for such an awesome semester.

I’m sad that the semester is done, and I’m sad that all I have left are 9 units of practicum, which means no more classrooms or classmates, but I’m happy how it all finished. Happy, tidy and neat. March was a good month, and hopefully April will be too.