Post Washi Party High

I’ve been going through some serious Washi withdrawals. Itching to make something (and to procrastinate, this week has been very challenging) from the spoils from the Hey Kessy washi party, I’ve been crafting all week. (Even though I shouldn’t have been)

Bedroom Shoot - November 29-026

Out of all my crafting, this is probably my favorite. My friend Tin and I have been friends since I was around nine years old. We, along with another friend, would spend our afternoons on the telephone, while watching our favorite show. We were friends for a very long time, grew apart for a bit in high school, eventually we found each other again in college, and until now we’re pretty good friends. I love her lots, and the time we spend talking about the most random things from really round and obese pandas to the really depressing facts of life.
I actually don’t know why I made that rather long write up about our friendship, probably a public declaration on how cool my friends are, but all I really had to say was that last night, I was up at two in the morning reading about mitosis and meiosis, when I decided to make my own gift wrapper. I had this really cute eiffel tower stamp, and I made the heart stamp, because I knew Tin loved hearts. Can I just say that for someone who hates precision and rulers and any kind of measuring, stamping to make a pattern is extremely challenging. I have two other stamping “drafts” that I’ve thrown into the trash can, but at least this one came out nice.

Bedroom Shoot - November 28-019
Bedroom Shoot - November 28-022
I’ve been doodling a lot! One of my favorite friends, Drei, gave me this really nice Adventure Time book for my birthday, and I’ve been so afraid to use or even touch the stickers, that I’ve been drawing and painting the characters instead. On the day I painted BMO, I used pretty washi tape to hold down the paper. It made me happy. After taking up calligraphy, I’ve been wrapping the nib holders with pretty washi tape to make it easier to grip. Also, happy birthday Alexis!!
Bedroom Shoot - November 27-014
Of course, obligatory, instax shot. One of my favorite days in London when we had the picnic in Bermondsey park, and we brought the lavender chicken I cooked, got so happytipsy on rosé, and hobbled home as it got dark and cold.


After the washi party, I couldn’t help but take a photo of the things I’ve gathered during the party. I wanna thank Richelle especially for my lovely new postcard. Looking at this photo makes me so happy. Bedroom Shoot - November 28-021


Okay, I’m tired and sleepy, and I’m not even done studying yet. Off to do real work. Have a lovely weekend Manila, or wherever you’re from.


A Very Messy Hey Kessy Washi Party


I don’t think it’s any surprise that I’m a big introvert. I love meeting people, going out with friends, and going on adventures, but at the end of the day, nothing really beats going home. I love moments where in a lose a day painting, or baking a cake just for the fun of it, and I’ve always thought that crafting was something that was meant to be done alone. This year, I’ve been proven  wrong too many times.

It started when I met a soon-to-be-friend Aina at a photography class at 50Feasts. She had a washi taped wrapped pen, and as a washi tape enthusiast (I would buy rolls of it everytime I’d be out of the country) I quickly pointed it out and asked her where she got it. ” Hey Kessy” She said, and we’ve been friends ever since.

From ordering tape from Hey Kessy, and eventually blog jumping from Mansy‘s to Alessa’s blog, Life After Breakfast, I’ve been immersed in the lovely world of crafting and the surprising fact that there are a lot of us, and we could all be crafting friends together!!!!!! (Hahahahaha I am such a freak)

If only you could’ve seen how happy I was at The Hey Kessy Washi Party. There were crafting materials everywhere, that I could barely keep myself together from my excitement. In all honesty, more than the washi tape, pretty bakers twine, and good food, what made that washi party so memorable was the buzzing room full of girls laughing and chatting over tables of kraft paper, homemade stamps and pencils. They’re wonderful people who make wonderful things, and I’d do this again and again and again.

Thank you Hey Kessy and Pipino for a wonderful afternoon!




Affinity for Something Pretty


I remember Sundays at the mall, specifically Shangri-la’s home section, where in I had to keep my hands firmly at my sides, because I wasn’t allowed to touch anything. Those Sundays were the worst. As a child, I couldn’t fathom why my mom and sisters loved the home and kitchen section of anywhere. It would be the longest thirty minutes of my life, an hour if I was extremely unlucky, of endless pots, pans and spatulas, that all looked alike to me.

If I told the younger version of myself how important the kitchen and home section would be to me now, I’d probably laugh at myself and call present me crazy. (Also, if younger me saw older me, I’d probably think older me was crazy, because I wouldn’t believe that was older me)  I was pretty stubborn about most things: I swore to hate the Lifestyle Network, and never get into shopping for clothes and like kitchen section–which I un/fortunately all love now.

I’m not sure if it’s part of growing up or it’s something you eventually really get into, but I really enjoy shopping for plates, spoons and forks and other house stuff. I’m so happy about my new spoons and jars.

I can’t wait to use them for actual prop styled shoots.


P.S. Also, thank you to Sari Estrada for my lovely new tape. Just looking at my Washi tape collection makes me happy. :(